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Elevate your space with the timeless charm of Wallaba shingles, a true fusion of natural aesthetics and durable craftsmanship. Sourced from the renowned Wallaba tree, Wallaba shingles not only enhance your home with rustic elegance but also provide exceptional resistance to the elements. Explore the beauty of Wallaba shingles, where eco-friendly allure meets lasting appeal, making a distinctive statement for your walls or roof that stands the test of time. Choose Wallaba Shingle – redefine style, redefine durability.

Packaging DETAILS

*Remark: All dimensions depend on grade you choose.

Bundle Dimension
W 40 cm. x L 60 cm. x H 18 cm.
Bundle Sqm
≈ 1.25 – 1.3
35 bundles
Pallet Weight
≈ 1.5 ton
Pallet Dimension
W 125 cm. x L 110 cm. x H 120 cm.
South American

Product Detail









thick 10 mm.

varying sizes

10-25 cm.

45 cm.

thin side 3-4 mm.

thick side 10 mm.

37 kg.

20 kg.

1.85 sq.m / bundle

15 cn. (6”)

thick 5 mm.

varying sizes

10-25 cm.

45 cm.

thin side 3-4 mm.

thick side 15 mm.

42 kg.

45 kg.

0.925 sq.m

19 cm. (7.5”)

thick 10 mm.

varying sizes 7.5-25 cm.

45 cm.

thin side 3-4 mm.

thick side 10 mm.

27 kg.

21.6 kg

1.25 sq.m

15 cm. (6”)

thick 15 mm.

varying sizes 7.5-25 cm.

45 cm.

thin side 3-4 mm.

thick side 10 mm.

22 kg.

23.7 kg.

0.925 sq.m

19 cn. (7.5”)

Outstanding benefits



  • Wallaba wood shingles are highly durable, with a natural resistance to decay, rot, and insect damage, ensuring a long lifespan for your roof.

Aesthetic Appeal

  • These shingles offer a rich, reddish-brown color that weathers to a beautiful silver-gray over time, adding a timeless and elegant look to any structure.
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Fire Resistance

  • Wallaba wood has a natural resistance to fire, making it a safer option for roofing materials compared to other wood types.

Weather Resistance

  • Wallaba wood shingles can withstand extreme weather conditions, including heavy rain, strong winds, and intense sunlight, making them suitable for various climates.

Low Maintenance

  • Due to their natural oils and resins, Wallaba wood shingles require minimal maintenance, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.


  • Wallaba wood is sustainably harvested, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Its long lifespan also means fewer resources are used over time.
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Insulation Properties

  • Wallaba wood shingles provide excellent thermal insulation, helping to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, improving energy efficiency.

Acoustic Insulation

  • The density and natural composition of Wallaba wood help to reduce noise, providing a quieter indoor environment.


  • Wallaba wood shingles can be used for both roofing and siding, offering versatility in design and application for various architectural styles.

Customer base

Elevate your home with Wallaba shingles – a perfect blend of enduring durability, natural beauty, and eco-conscious charm, ensuring your roof not only stands the test of time but does so with distinctive style. Wallaba shingles your hard wood roof shingle solution. 


Resort & Spa


Theme Parks


Zoos /
National Park




Retreat / Eco Centers


Water parks




Camping Facilities

Wallaba Shingle Vs Cedar shingles




Bright Silver


Dull Grayish Color

40+ Years
without treatment


10-20 Years
with treatments

Naturally Resistant


Not Naturally Resistant

Naturally Resistant


Moderately Resistant

2040 Ib. at 12% MC

Janka Side

350 Ib. at 12% MC

Category 5



Certificate testing

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Install on battens

installation steps

Step 1

Install a 1.5-inch battens with a spacing of 15 cm, measured from the center of the battens.

Step 2

Install overlapping backing panels at a distance of 15 cm. until reaching the top layer.

Step 3

Install water protection membrane on every layer of the roof.

Install on osb

installation steps

Step 1

Install a 1.5-inch battens with a spacing of 15 cm, measured from the center of the battens.

Step 2

Install OSB Swiss Krono Anti-Termide panels thickness of 10-12 mm, width of 1.22 m, and length of 2.44 m vertically. Leave a gap of 3 mm between each panel and install drip edge around the perimeter.

Step 3

Install Resisto or IB3 StromStopper across the entire roof (lay on drip edge), starting from the perimeter.

Step 4

Install the starter wood around the perimeter.

Step 5

Install the roof panels with a 15 cm overlap.

Step 6

Install the ridge or hip cap with a 20 cm overlap.

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  • Certainly, we provide installation services, and all our installations come with a standard 1-year warranty. Additionally, you have the option to purchase Home Builders BP Care, extending coverage for your installation by an additional 3 years.

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  • It all depends on your requirements. If you are doing a gazebo or a outdoor living area you may installed it using Interlay method

  • If you are installing for a house or a Air-conditioning room we do suggest that you install OSB,, membrane, Thatch. This help with your energy bills
  • Wallaba shingles are crafted from the robust Wallaba tree, providing exceptional durability and resistance to weather elements, decay, and insects.
  • Yes, cedar is a renewable resource, and its use in roofing is eco-friendly. It is biodegradable, requires less energy to produce, and contributes to sustainability.
    • Wallaba wood’s natural thermal insulation properties help regulate indoor temperature, potentially reducing energy costs by keeping your home cooler in hot weather.
  • Wallaba shingles bring a timeless and rustic charm with their natural wood grain and warm tones, ensuring a visually appealing and unique character to your roof.
  • Wallaba shingles are low-maintenance due to their natural resistance, requiring minimal upkeep for long-lasting performance.
  • Absolutely, Wallaba shingles are versatile and suitable for various property types, providing enduring beauty and protection for both homes and commercial buildings.
  • With proper maintenance, Wallaba shingles can last for a significant period, contributing to a long-lasting and reliable roofing solution.
  • Regular inspections, cleaning, and following recommended maintenance practices, such as applying protective coatings, will help ensure the longevity and performance of your Wallaba shingle roof.
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