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At Home Builders BP Thailand, we are your dedicated team committed to transforming your design into a reality.
Join us on our journey through the timeline of our history.

Our History

Home Builders B.P. is the world's premier manufacturer of the most durable Synthetic Thatch and Synthetic Tropical Building Products since 1993. As industry leaders, we've proudly imported the finest roofing and construction materials from the U.S.A and Canada to fuel the Asian construction sector for over 30 years. Discover excellence in every build with us.


“ A place where

all designs are possible “

why us

At Home Builders B.P. (building product) take pride in. our brand loyalty and customer service ensuring that every design, construction meets the client needs with honest feedback.

We do not compromise on quality of our products because we firmly believe that it will reflect on our brand. Therefore, we at Home Builders B.P make it a point never to compromise on our rigorous building material quality standard as we value.



We embrace creativity and innovation in home design.


Sustainable Building

Environmental responsibility is a core value.


Collaborative Partnership

Building a home is a collaborative effort.

Our product

Synthetic roofing, wall panels, decor,
synthetic woven materials, macrame,
archineering, and more

A perfect tropical outdoor living decors for and type of weather. Our tropical outdoor umbrellas is maintenance free and back by 20 years warranty. Available indifferent style and sizes.

Synthetic Weaving rattan, where all design are possible. Our Rattans are made of HDPE and maintenance free material back by a 20 years warranty.

A traditional and most commonly used underlayment before installing Asphalt shingle roofing material. Made in CANADA, for a roof pitch of 16 degrees of slope and above. Felt paper act as a moisture barrier betweens Shingle roof and the OSB

Self - Adhesive Roofing membrane made in CANADA for a roof pitch that is 9 degrees and above. Can be left exposed up to 60 days. This underlayment act as a water membrane it require addition roofing material on top.

Synthetic thatch made of HDPE and created to provide alternative thatch roofing which is more durable, environmental friendly, low maintenance and is back by a 20 years warranty. Available in different colors options.

A self - adhesive starter roll that is commonly used while installing Asphalt Shingle roof to help prevent it from uplifting in strong wind and helps prevent the water from seeping in around the eves


  • At this moment we are still working on our very own E-commerce plat-form. However, you can buy online using our two official dealer Face book page. Link below.
  • We pride ourselves in Craftsmanship, Integrity, After service, and Quality products only. For more than 30 years in business we are proud to say that we have are a reputable company with regular repeated customers and words of mouth.
    Your roof is like our own roof, We make sure that its our responsibility to never compromise on the quality and safety.
  • Yes, We do have our own installation team that has been with us for more than 30 year. They are all well train by our company and by our supplier.
    All installation are done in accordance with the supplier specification.
  • We do have all products on displayed at at our head office and we highly encourage that all client and designer visit our live showroom where your dream comes true.
  • Where to begin. 30 plus year of experience in business , R & D, and choosing the right material for our client. 

    All products we supply or manufacture has to go under varies testing to meet the international standards such as: ASTM , EN , ULc, Better living.

    For example,
All Our Thatch Xotic collection comes with a 20 Years warranty and you do not need to worry that we wont cover you if any issue happens because we are a 30 plus year company who pride our self in Craftsman ship.
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