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Our tropical outdoor umbrella is designed to last longer than the natural and withstand all types of weather with zero maintenance. Home Builders B.P Patio & beach umbrella are made of metal frame work, HDPE Thatch roof and hurricane resistance based. The umbrella comes in different sizes and different styles of thatch roof covering that you can choose from.

Product information

Ø 7ft (2.2 meter)
Ø 9ft (2.7 meter)
Ø 11ft (3.3 meter)

Available in 3 different radius and a fix height of 2.7 meter tall

Choose your colors

* We have done our best to accurately display colors, but colors will varies by monitor. We can not guarantee that your monitor display of any color will be accurate. Color selection should be made from the samples pieces.

Outstanding benefits


Easy installation

  • Home Builders BP Umbrellas are designed to be easily assembled by yourself. All you require are some basic hand tools and a battery drill to set up our synthetic Thatch Umbrellas.

Hurricane and wind resistance

  • The HB.BP Umbrellas feature a robust metal framework and a sturdy base designed to withstand strong winds and hurricanes, ensuring the umbrella remains stable and durable.

Flexible design

  • Home Builders BP Thatch Umbrellas are available in a range of sizes and thatch options, giving you the flexibility to choose the one that best suits your preferences.

Return on investment

  • Leave behind the concerns of maintaining a natural thatch umbrella and opt for our synthetic umbrella, known for its low maintenance. This choice not only eases your upkeep responsibilities but also helps minimize the loss of rental opportunities.

Eco friendly

  • Home Builders BP Synthetic Thatch Umbrellas, or Artificial Thatch Umbrellas, are recyclable and packaged in paper packaging. They are long-lasting and do not require chemical treatment to endure, making them more sustainable compared to regular bamboo or other natural umbrellas.

fire resistant

  • Home Builders BP Thatch Umbrellas come with a optional fire resistance (FR) capabilities for added safety.

Customer base

Whether you’re enhancing your lawn, hotel, resort, or any outdoor space, our umbrella has you covered with its unique tropical aesthetic. It requires no maintenance, and you won’t have to worry about issues like mold, insects, or other bacteria commonly found in typical tropical umbrellas.


Resort & Spa


Theme Parks


Zoos /
National Park




Retreat / Eco Centers


Water parks




Camping Facilities

Synthetic Tropical Umbrella vs natural bamboo umbrellas





15 years


Usually not avaible

More than 20 years

Life Span

1 - 2 years

100% recyclable and
no need for any pestiside


Not recyclable, requires
chemical, require pesticide

Maintenance Free


Require regular maintenance

180 km. / hr. 
fire resistance option available

Wind and
fire test

Usually non available

Certificate testing

All our products are tested to meet international standards. Certificates, testing reports, and warranties are available upon request. Please take a few minutes to fill out our Request/Contact form to download the documents.

Installation Guide

All installation manuals are available upon request. Please take a few minutes to fill out our Request/Contact form to download the documents. Please note, the installation manual is the intellectual property of Homebuilders BP and is protected by copyright law. Any unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or modification is prohibited.

assembling instruction

9ft/2.75 m.

Step 1    Battens

Step 2    Drip edge

Step 3    Ubud Thatch roofing

Step 4    Ridge caps and Hip

Reference Video

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Note: we can help assist you with the product calculation. Please provide your drawing ( PDF, Google Sketchup file ) for us to help calculate the total material required for your project for better estimated cost

  • Certainly, we provide installation services, and all our installations come with a standard 1-year warranty. Additionally, you have the option to purchase Home Builders BP Care, extending coverage for your installation by an additional 3 years.

  • Yes, we also offer on-site visits to assist customers with their estimates. Moreover, we provide a complimentary online estimate service. If you have drawings, please send them to us for a free quote and consultation.
  • Yes, you may customize the color. However, please note all customization cost more and we only customize for large project and quantities. For more details and possibility please contact us.
  • We can ship this material anywhere you required.

  • We also have 72 distributor to assist you with all information and products. (depending on your location) Please contact us for more information.
  • Certainly, you have the option to purchase the umbrella frame or umbrella thatch separately. You can choose to buy the following components individually:

    1. Umbrella set
    2. Umbrella top frame

    3. Umbrella poles

    4. Umbrella base

    5. Umbrella thatch
  • Why choose Home Builders BP Tropical Umbrella Sets? Our umbrella sets are designed to be DIY-friendly without compromising on strength, ensuring a maintenance-free experience, all while preserving the tropical look and feeling.
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