Tub Kaek Sunset Resort, Krabi Thailand

Tub Kaek Sunset Resort in Krabi, Thailand, is renowned as one of the island's top five-star beachfront properties. Our goal was to create materials that meet the specifications of both clients and designers while aligning with our company's commitment to quality and low maintenance. For this project, Home Builders BP supplied all the main component of the roof such as: Ubud Bali Thatch, Ubud Java Ceiling, Weaving Rattan ceiling materials, OSB, Membrane and much more.

Material: OSB 3, IB3 storm stopper, Resisto water membrane, Weaving rattan Ceiling, Ubud Bali Thatch 

Year: 2010

SQM: 15,000

Roof Installer: Client self-installed

Scope of Work: Manufacturing and supply synthetic low maintenance building material for the resort, and assist with construction consultations to help reduce operation & construction cost.






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