The Residence Resort Maldives

The Dhingura Maldives Project showcases our expertise in managing complex logistics, strict timelines, and international teams. This fast-tracks project required meticulous attention to detail and adherence to specific requirements, with no room for delays. We successfully completed tasks including timber roof structures, rattan installations, high-quality thatch roofing, and Wallaba shingle roof ahead of schedule. Our team also provided valuable advice on achieving low-maintenance and energy-efficient room insulation for continuous comfort. This project highlights our commitment to excellence and ability to deliver outstanding results in hospitality construction, reinforcing our reputation for reliability and innovation.

Material: OSB, Wallaba Shingle, Ridge vent, Wooden roof structure

Year: 2012

Architect: Eco ID, Home Builders BP

Builders: Home Builders Building Products

SQM: 25,000

Scope of Work: Design, Build, Consult, Construct, supply of roofing structure and synthetic material


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