The Residence Maldives

With over 20,000 square meters of roofing and roofing structure work, The Dhigurah Maldives stands as another remarkable international project, fully designed, consulted, supplied, and built by Home Builders BP, right from the roof structure upwards. Despite numerous challenges such as logistical hurdles in transporting materials to the island and delays in material delivery, our team's expertise prevailed. We successfully completed the roof and roof structure on schedule. Leveraging our proficiency in reducing resort operation costs, we at Home Builders BP provided design solutions and offered owner consultations on materials and technologies aimed at minimizing maintenance needs and lowering cooling costs for the building.

Material: Wood Structure, High Quality Screw, OSB3 (USA), Peel & Seal, IB3 Storm Stopper, Drip edge, Ubud java Thatch, Wood Shingle Wallaba

Year: 2017

Architect: Design Bube, Home Builders BP

Roof Structure Builders: Home Builders BP

Roof Installer: Home Builders BP

Scope of Work: Design, Consult, supply, Build



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