The Mark, Koh Mark, Thailand

At Home Builders BP, we take pride in offering solutions that help clients reduce yearly maintenance costs while providing long-term durability for tropical roofing materials. This project stands out not only for its unique design but also for its harmonious integration with the surrounding landscape. We believe our Asian Reed Thatch is the perfect fit, enhancing the resort's tropical charm and reflecting local traditions. Our Asian Reed Thatch ensures both aesthetic appeal and safety. It is fire-rated, termite-resistant, insect-free, and recyclable. With Home Builders BP, your resort will be a beautiful, safe, and healthy environment for all guests.

Material: Asian Reed Ceiling, OSB3, Drip Edge, Water membrane, Asian Reed Thatch 

Year: 2022

Sqm : 2,500

Roof Installer: Home Builders BP 

Scope of Work: Installing synthetic ceiling and installation of roofing material 


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