Phukananan – Resort Nan

Discover Phukananan Resort Nan, nestled in Bo Klua, Nan Province, Thailand—a captivating oasis in a mountainous valley. Nature and luxury intertwine seamlessly at this retreat, where bamboo and Home Builders BP Synthetic Thatch roof create a soft, natural aesthetic. This innovative roofing choice not only enhances the resort's tropical allure but also ensures a worry-free stay. With Home Builders BP Synthetic Thatch/Artificial Thatch Roofing materials, Phukananan Resort in Nan, Thailand, promises a picturesque tropical ambiance without compromising on comfort. Embrace relaxation and a commitment to a healthy, hassle-free experience during your stay.

Material: OSB3 , Peal & Seal , Resisto water membrane , Ubud Bali Thatch

Year: 2020

SQM: 4,000

Architect: Grid Architect, Thailand

Roof Installer: Home Builders BP 

Scope of Work: Providing low maintenance roofing material and assist with consultation on water protection on the roof area


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