Island Escape Burasari , Thailand

The client chose Home Builders BP Synthetic African Reed Thatch for their roofing to reduce maintenance costs and ensure a healthy living environment for their customers. Faced with high logistical and construction expenses, our low-maintenance, cost-effective solution was the ideal choice. Prioritizing health, cleanliness, and safety, the resort selected our fire-rated, maintenance-free thatch. With our synthetic thatch, they enjoy the assurance of no mold, termites, or other pests—unlike natural thatch. Elevate your project with the trusted roofing solution that blends luxury with practicality.

Material: African Reed Thatch Roof, Thai Coconut Thatch Roof 

Year: 2020

Roof Installer: Client Self-Installed 

Scope of Work: Mimicking the look of a sombrero


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