Cartoon Network Water Park, Pattaya, Thailand

As we all know, water parks and theme parks typically face high expenditures on maintenance and upkeep of their infrastructure. However, in this project, we have focused on designing and building with low-maintenance building materials to significantly reduce long-term maintenance costs. All timber used in this project is hardwood, ensuring durability. Additionally, all roofing materials and ceiling décor are made from HDPE, a low-maintenance material guaranteed for 20 years against issues like mold, rot, termites, and other common problems associated with natural materials. This approach ensures not only cost-effectiveness but also durability and peace of mind for the project's lifespan.

Material: Timber structure, Weaving rattans, Synthetic Thatch roofing material

Year: 2010

SQM: 5,000

Builders: Home Builders Building Products

Roof Installer: Home Builders Building Products

Scope of Work: Renovating old roof structure to look tropical and up to the designer style


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