Bhu Nga Thani Resort, Krabi, Thailand

At Bhun Nga Thani Resort, our team expertly removed the existing Cedar and OSB roofing materials and replaced them with durable Asphalt Shingles, ensuring the resort’s landscape, pool, flooring, and other amenities remained undisturbed throughout the process. At Home Builders Building Products, we prioritize safety and the preservation of our clients' properties, with our skilled installers committed to executing projects with precision and care. The resort owner was highly impressed with our dedication to quality and our ability to complete the project ahead of schedule. Looking for a Expert Roofing Services look for Home Builders Building Products

Material: Buildtek Eco Asphalt Shingle roof ( Moca Color ) , OSB 3, Hal Felt paper, Drips edge

Year: 2022

SQM: 3,000

Roof Installer: Home Builders Building Products

Scope of Work: Renovate, Installed, supply of roofing material



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