Anantara Doha , Bana Island, Qatar Doha

The Banan Island Project stands out as a highlight for our company, showcasing our ability to manage complexity in logistics, strict timelines, and international crews. This fast-tracks project demanded meticulous attention to detail and adherence to specific requirements, with zero tolerance for delays. Ahead of schedule, we successfully delivered everything from timber roof structures to rattan installations and thatch roofing. We also provided expert consultation on achieving low-maintenance and well-insulated rooms to ensure consistent cooling. This project exemplifies our commitment to excellence and our capability to exceed expectations under demanding circumstances.

Material: CLT, Sandwich Pannel, Weaving rattans, OSB, Membrane, wooden roof structure, Ubud Thatch roof, High strength Plates and bolt for joinery

Year: 2013

SQM: 20,000

Architect: Design Bube, Home Builders BP

Roof Installer: Home Builders Building Products

Scope of Work: Design, Build, Construct, Supply, Consult and Manufacture of Synthetic Building Products


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